Frozen In Time

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De La Soul - Me, Myself And I  (video clip)
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slip, slidin’ away…..
The Ex (Canadian National Exhibition), from the top of Euroslide, Lakeshore, Toronto.
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peep the shirt
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Who’s yo’ daddy, Peter? With James Gunn revealing that J’son of Spartax won’t make it for the sequel, the protagonist’s mother calling the father an “angel,” and his genetic code is something the Nova Corps has never encountered, let’s conduct some paternity tests. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 can use an opportunity to introduce another character from the original lineup, and the highest profile member is Major Victory, who gets flung far into the future where he encounters the team that would go on to form the Guardians, which could explain how Yondu, a character originally from the 31st century, exists in modern day. Another member of the original group, Starhawk could easily be mistaken for an angel. A winged alien creature of light, he possesses powers of a mysterious hawk god, which can be the reason the Nova Corps would have absolutely no record of his existence. A way to tie this franchise into the main Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor triumvirate is to make Quill the forgotten son of Odin, allowing for the Norse adventures to continue well after Chris Hemsworth lays down the hammer. Or what about Eternity? It’s actually all of reality, but given sentience. It has no form or body, and can pretty much make anything happen. If that seems too heady of a concept to introduce, this character first appears in the pages for Doctor Strange. If Marvel is headed into Stephen Strange territory, Eternity and the wilder elements of the cosmics might not be far behind. Making a cocky criminal the son of the embodiment of all that exists sounds like the exact type of comedic juxtaposition Gunn might wanna include. But forget the rest; it’s obviously Adam Warlock… Probably.
Peter Quill, by tarnmeta.